Alignment is the guiding principles of a person and their favored courses of action and responses to situations. An adventurer would typically have two or three ethics in their Alignment.


Ethic Contrasts
Spiritualist Materialist Spiritualists have no strong desire or attachment for material possessions, as materials are just tools to achieve an end.
Materialist Spiritualist Materialists believe that the path to securing a peaceful and fulfilled life is through wealth and material possessions.
Authoritarian Anarchist Authoritarians believe that it is their duty to prevent those things they value most from falling into chaos, by creating laws and enforcing them accordingly with a strong willed arm.
Anarchist Authoritarian Anarchists believe that the most important value is freedom, every man is equal regardless of what society thinks.
Romanticist Realist Romanticists let their emotions control them. Following your heart towards your dreams and desires is the most important thing in this world.
Realist Romanticist Realists believe in a methodical approach to life. The importance of knowledge, thought and logic cannot be underestimated, and that being patient and open to solutions leads to the most optimal path in life.

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