Strength Affects your Melee Attacks and your physical condition.


Agility affects Initiative and Dodge.


Endurance affects your Hit Points. It also represents Your physical and mental willpower.


Intelligence affects your capacity for knowledge, investigation, and making logical deductions.


Perception affects your ability to aim Ranged Attacks and to see, hear, taste, and notice unusual things.


Charisma affects your ability to charm, calm, anger, influence, or lie to others.

Assigning Attributes

There’s two options into assigning Attributes

Option 1: Standard Array

You can choose two that have the following array to assign to your Attributes: -1, 0, 1, 1, 2,3.

Option 2: Point buy

You have a pool of 12 points. Every attribute starts at -1, and you can spend points from a pool to increase your attributes (Maximum of 5).

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