Bloodline Traits


Bloodlines can be of a certain type, which might affect how they are affected by certain spells or effects due to the characteristics of their bloodline. These are the following:



Bipedal beasts characterized by their cognition skills.


Primordial beings related to the Magical and the Arcane that imbues the earth.


Creatures that roam around the earth with no sapience to speak of.


Artificial life, tarnished by unnatural means.


Related to the Draconian Planet, their souls are scorched with elemental energy.


Creatures completely alien to the earth.


Related to the hell planet, fiendish creatures whose souls have been “shapen.”


Those related to the planet Niflheim, Giant creatures adapted to the extreme conditions of their planet.


Size might affect certain rules, such as how much space they take, or their ability to wield certain weapons. These are the Following sizes:

  • Tiny (1 unit)
  • Small (1 unit)
  • Medium (1 unit)
  • Large (4 units)
  • Giant (9 unit)
  • Colossal (16 unit)
  • Leviathan (25 units)


Movement affects how many units you can use by using the Move action.

List of Bloodlines

Manblood Manblood, sometimes called Beastmen, are social and organized by patterns, characterized for their ambition, excelling in many different areas across the planet.
Feyblood Feyblood are one of the primordial bloodlines of the planet. Either living their long lives alone or in a community, they are connected to the magical essence of the planet. They are usually easily recognized by their long, pointy ears.
Boarblood The Boarblood are usually characterized by their big size, having tusks and/or Their complexion being usually of grey or green. Their thick skin and exceptional constitution makes them remarkable survivors.
Hob-blood Hob-bloods are ambitious cave dwellers that stand out for their curiosity. They will try every idea they can think of, even if it ends up exploding in their face. They are usually characterized for their small stature, their sharp teeth, and their big eyes.
Etherblood Etherblood, as the name implies, are known for (usually) not having blood. They are souls that have been manipulated into escaping death, either by being returned to their bodies by unnatural means, being affected by a ritual to escape their mortality, or their soul being taken into a moving vessel.
Dragonblood In one way or another, your Bloodline has been tainted with draconic essence. This could manifest in your appearance, either by looking like a bipedal dragon, having scales all across your body, or having draconic horns, Although it can simply not have any characteristics. Dragonblood was built to rule over the elements, and to not succumb to others easily.
Nightblood Nightblood have been tainted by the Nighthorrors, An cold, intrusive creature for the far realms. Experimented on, they’ve acquired innate psionic abilities into their bloodline. Usually logical with light complexions of blue or purple.
Viperblood Viperblood has been cursed with a hex that infestates most of the population from the planet Seet. Driven by violence, they performed barbaric rituals, giving them Reptilian characteristics and innate resilience. Some Viperblood continue those traditions in secrecy in their cults of blood, in which status or money is not relevant, only power and cunning.
Lunarblood Blessed by the Moon, Lunarblood were conceived to protect the planet against otherworldly threats. Their complexion is like marble, with sometimes a silver disc or halo above their heads.
Fiendblood Descendants of the offspring between a Fiend and a concubine/concubinus, They acquire their hellish resilience and fiery spirit. Their complexion is of a red or purple color, and they can have horns or a tail.
Northblood Northblood are descendants of giants, although the reasons for this offspring are still unknown. Towering over most bipeds, they are known for showing off great, thick hair and colored skin.
Xenoblood Xenoblood is a term used to describe mercenary outsiders that roam the earth and their (very rare) offspring. Not much is known about their cultures, and they usually come for sightseeing or treasure hunting. Although they are very diverse in appearance, with names to describe them as Bugfolk, Critterfolk, Fishfolk, Frogfolk, Prawnfolk, Bettlefolk, etc. they are easily recognized by their strange, alien appearance.

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