Level 2

Culinary Warrior

You gain an exclusive weapon which you are proficient with called Cooking Utensils that does 1d6 Slashing or Bludgeoning Damage.


Once per long rest, as a one free action for 1 minute, you can heat your Cooking Utensil weapon, dealing an additional 2d6 fire damage every time you hit, and they must make a fortitude saving throw or be burned until the start of your next turn.


During a long rest, you can spend money or gather materials to create a small number of meals equal to your Intelligence. While in combat, you or anyone holding a meal can use a free action to eat one, regaining 1d4 + the amount of equivalent Silver Coins you spent or 1d4 + the number rolled on your skill check divided by four (rounded up) hit points.

Level 6

Heroes' Feast

Once per long rest as an action, you can spend 10 minutes creating a sublime meal. A number of creatures equal to your spell level can eat the meal for one minute, granting and increase of maximum hit points by 2 and restoring half of the maximum Hit Points.

Level 9

Monstrous Dinner

Once per long rest, whenever you kill a non-undead creature using your Flambé feature, you can use your reaction to turn that creature into a meal as if created by your cooking feature, except its bonus is half the maximum creature's health points.

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