Class Basics

Class Level

Class Level represents the general power of your adventurer that progresses throughout the story. The higher your level, the more abilities you get and the higher your proficiency bonus is.

Level 0: The game master decides the level the story begins at. If a game master wishes to start at level 0, they must see the following guidelines:

Class Hit Points: At level 0, your class hit points are equal to 4.

Class Initiative: At level 0, your class speed is equal to 0.

Proficiency bonus: your proficiency bonus is +1.

Weapon Proficiency: Staffs, daggers, light crossbows.

Class Hit Points

Class Hit Points Represent the sturdiness of your Adventurer based on your training.

Class Speed

Class Speed is a bonus added to your Initiative that represents how quick you are to react.

Class Summary

Scout A Class characterized by their reconnaissance and their opportunistic, aggressive fighting style.
Warrior A Class characterized by their versatile combat prowess, characterized by being able to do consistent damage.
Priest A Class characterized by their ordination, getting divine powers from their faith and study of canon.
Wizard A Class characterized by their study of the magical weave that encompasses the universe and manipulating it to their whims.

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