When an adventure begins, the Agents usually have a supply of non-magical gear. You don’t need to specify precisely what they have. Eventually the question comes up: Do they have a particular item? That’s when you decide. Players can make the case for having an item, but the Game Master makes the call. Do They Have It? Common sense makes it obvious whether the character has the item that they want or can easily get it.


Equipping Weapons

When you take the Attack action, you can equip or unequip one Weapon before this Action, even if the attack is with an Unarmed Strike.


Ammunition Weapons with the Ammunition property have an Upkeep cost
Finesse a weapon with finesse can score a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20
Heavy a certain Strength is required for this weapon (indicated in brackets). Not meeting the Strength requirement of a weapon will give disadvantage on all of your attacks
Ranged The range of the attack is shown between brackets. Additionally, when you have an enemy within 1 unit near you, Attack Rolls with Ranged weapons have disadvantage
Reach This weapon adds 1 unit to your reach when you Attack with it, as well as when determining your reach for opportunity Attacks with it
Reload When you make an attack with this weapon, if it’s not loaded, you spend 1 Action point reloading the weapon
Special a weapon with the special property has unique rules
Spell Focus This weapon is designed to channel the power of spells
Thrown The weapon can make a ranged attack with a Melee attack. The range of the attack is shown between brackets
Two-handed This weapon requires two hands when you Attack with it
Versatile a versatile weapon can attack with one or two hands. When you attack with two hands, the weapon damage changes to the one listed in brackets

Weapon List

Name Damage Properties
Arbalest 1d8 Ammunition, Ranged [18], Reload, Two-Handed
Arquebus 1d8 Ammunition, Ranged [18], Reload, Two-Handed, Heavy [3], Finesse
Battle axe 1d8 Heavy [3], Versatile [1d10]
Blowgun 1d4 Ammunition, Ranged [18]
Blunderbuss 1d10 Ammunition, Ranged [12], Reload, Two-Handed, Heavy [3], Finesse
Bomb 1d6 Ammunition, Special (Explosive) , Thrown [6]
Chainsword 1d10 Ammunition, Two-Handed, Special (Rev up, Fuel)
Claymore 1d12 Two-Handed, Heavy [3]
Club 1d8
Crossbow 1d6 Ammunition, Ranged [24], Reload, Two-Handed
Dagger 1d4 Thrown [6], Finesse
Falchion 1d10 Two-Handed
Flail 1d6 Reach
Flintlock 1d10 Ammunition, Ranged [6], Reload, Finesse
Flamethrower 1d8 Ranged [6], Special (Explosive), Ammunition, Heavy [3]
Gauntlets 2d4 Two Handed, Special (Gauntlet)
Giant Club 1d12 Two-Handed, Heavy [3]
Great Axe 1d12 Two-Handed, Heavy [3]
Halberd 1d10 Reach, Two-Handed, Heavy [3]
Hand Culverin —- Special (Bomb cannon), Heavy [3]
Hatchet 1d6 Thrown [6]
Lance 1d12 Reach, Two-Handed, Heavy [4]
Longbow 1d6 Ammunition, Ranged [18], Two-Handed, Heavy [3], Finesse
Longsword 1d8 Heavy [3], Versatile [1d10]
Mace 1d8
Musket 1d8 Ammunition, Ranged [24], Reload, Two-Handed, Heavy [4], Finesse
Pickaxe 1d8 Heavy [3], Versatile [1d10]
Pike 1d8 Reach, Two-Handed
Pitchfork 1d6 Reach, Two-Handed
Rapier 1d6 Finesse
Sap 1d6 Finesse
Sarissa 1d6 Reach, Versatile [1d8], Heavy [3]
Scythe 1d6 Reach, Two-Handed
Short Spear 1d6 Thrown [6]
Shortbow 1d6 Ammunition, Ranged [12], Two-Handed, Finesse
Sling 1d4 Reach 2
Staff 1d6 Spell Focus
Sword 1d8
Warhammer 1d12 Two-Handed, Heavy [3]
Whip 1d6 Reach


Type Hit Point Bonus Armor Bonus Dodge Bonus Strength Requirement Stealth disadvantage?
Light 1 - 2 - no
Medium 1 1 1 2 yes
Heavy 1 2 - 3 yes
Shield 0 1 - - no

Armor Proficiency

Your class gives you Proficiency with certain types of armor. If you wear armor that you lack Proficiency with, you have disadvantage on Attack rolls, and any ability check or saving throw that involves Strength or Agility, and you can’t cast Spells.

Hit Point Bonus

You gain additional hit points while wearing armor. When you don off the armor, you lose the hit point bonus. If your current hit points are lower than the hit points provided by the armor and you don off the armor, your current hit points are equal to 1.

Dodge Bonus

some armor provides extra mobility, allowing for more dodges.

Armor Bonus

When you get hit by an attack, you reduce the amount of damage you take by your Armor bonus.

Equipping and Unequipping Armor

The time it takes to don on or off the armor depends on the armor’s category.
Type Equip Unequip
Light 1 minute 1 minute
Medium 1 minutes 5 minutes
Heavy 5 minutes 10 minutes
Shield 1 Action 1 Action

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