Level 2


Casting Attribute Intelligence is your spellcasting attribute
Spell Points You must use spell points to cast spells. you have spell points equal to your Intelligence + your scout level
Arcane Schools You have Evocation, Divination, and one other school of your choice. You cannot cast a spell if it's not from those schools
Scriptures You own a set of scriptures that describe the followings of your fate, such as rituals and tenets, that allow you to connect your soul to the magical weave. These scriptures hold all your divine spells, but you can only comprehend a number of spells of an appropriate rank shown on the priest table equal to your intelligence + your scout level.

Character level Spell Rank
2 Novice
5 Apprentice
7 Adept
9 Expert

Rightful Strike

Whenever you cast a spell that deals damage, you might change the damage to radiant damage.

Level 6

Rightful Rebuke

Whenever an ally within a 4-unit square around you gets attacked, you can use your Reaction to make an attack against the attacking creature.

Level 9

Rightful Protection

Whenever you or an ally within a 4-unit square around you is affected by a spell, you can use an action point to end that spell.

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