Magical Items

While resting, you may find a place to enchant your equipment if you have the right materials to do so, or you can buy magic items. You may also find magical items in the wild, depending on their rarity.

Enchanting books

To enchant equipment, you will need an enchanting book with the appropriate enchantment. Magical Weaponsmith usually have theirs, but they can also be found and bought accordingly.

Enchanting Materials

The materials for the enchantment will usually be referenced in their Enchantment book. Such materials could not be available for sale, and possibly take a journey to harvest them depending on their rarity.

Sample Enchantments

Potions and Recipes

Similarly to enchantments, Potions can be found, brewed and bought with the proper tools. A Potion recipe is needed to brew a potion, and the ingredients to make them can be found on the respective recipe.

Sample Recipes

Magical Scripts and Spell Scrolls

Magical Scripts

Magical Scripts contain the detailed information of a spell. During a long rest, you can read a magical script to add it to your repertoire. If you prepare spells, the spell added does not count towards the number of prepared spells you have.

Spell Scrolls

A spell scroll contains a written sigil of a spell and the magical essence of a spell imbued by a spellcaster. You can cast the spell listed without providing any components. When the spell is casted, the spell scroll is destroyed.

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