Level 2

Bonus Spells

You get additional spells. they don’t count towards the number of prepared spells you have.
Rank Spells
Novice Stasis, Protection from Evil and Good
Apprentice Calm Emotions, Hypnosis
Adept Fear, Find Person

Channel Divinity - Crowd Control

Every creature of your choice within a 6-unit square around you must make a fortitude saving throw. On a failure, that creature can’t attack you or your allies for a minute. This effect ends early if you or your allies attack that creature or their allies, and you have advantage on Charisma skill checks against those creatures.

Level 6

Mob Breaker

Once per turn, when you make an attack, you can make another attack as a free action against a different creature that is within 1 unit near the original target.

Level 9

Unwavering Order

You are always under the effect of a protection from evil and good spell.

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