Resting and Exhaustion


A Long Rest is a period of extended downtime— at least 10 hours long—available to any creature. During a Long Rest, you sleep for at least 6 hours and perform no more than 4 hours of light activity, such as reading, talking, eating, or etc.
If a long rest is done in a populated Area, the group may pay their upkeep costs to receive their respective benefits. Otherwise, everyone must make a 15 DC Skill Check for each Upkeep cost to attempt to receive the effect (if it is possible to do so).


Lack of resting, starvation and the long-term effects of freezing or scorching temperatures, can lead to a special condition called exhaustion. Exhaustion is measured in six levels. An effect can give a creature one or more levels of exhaustion, as specified in the effect's description. Exhaustion is a cumulative condition. Each time you receive it, you gain 1 level of exhaustion. You die if your exhaustion level exceeds 10. When you make any d20 Test, you subtract your exhaustion level from the d20 roll. Additionally, subtract your exhaustion level from the Spell save DC of any Spell you cast, and from your movement.

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