Level 2


Casting Attribute Intelligence is your Attribute to cast spells
Spell Points You must use spell points to cast spells. you have spell points equal to your Intelligence + your warrior level
Arcane Schools You have Alteration, Evocation and one other school of your choice. You cannot cast a spell if it's not from those schools
Battle bond You choose one weapon of your choice, giving it engravings and enchantments to act as a conduit that allows you to access your knowledge and connect to the magical weave. As long as you have the conduit on your person, you can cast your known spells. If the conduit is lost or destroyed, you must spend a long rest choosing another weapon to bond with.
Spells Known You know three basic spells and two novice spells of your choice. You add 2 spells of an appropriate rank each time you gain a spell rank.

Character level Spell Rank
2 Novice
5 Apprentice
7 Adept
9 Expert

Soul Edge

Whenever you attack with your battle bond weapon, you can use your Intelligence instead of Strength or Perception, for the attack roll.

Level 6

Arcane Strike

You learn how to make your weapon strikes undercut a creature's resistance to your spells. When you hit a creature with a weapon attack, that creature has disadvantage on the next saving throw it makes against a spell you cast before the end of your next turn.

Level 9


When you take the attack action. You can make one attack action using a spell as a free action.

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