Whenever you use the Move Action, you can use your movement to jump either vertically or horizontally.

Running horizontal Jump

You need to move at least 2 units in a straight line to perform a running long jump. Your running horizontal jump equals 1 + your Strength (minimum of 1) in units.

Standing horizontal Jump

Your horizontal long jump is equal to your Strength in units (minimum of 1).

Vertical Jump

your vertical jump is half of your Running Horizontal jump (rounded down).


Dodge represents how well your character avoids being wounded in battle. A character's dodge usually equals their 10 + Agility. When a character attacks your character with a Melee or ranged attack, their DC is your Dodge.


your initiative assigns your turn order during combat. it is determined by your Class Speed + your Agility. If two Initiatives share the same number, the Game Master decides who would go first in the initiative order.

Hit Points

The number of hits you can endure before you fall down. When you reach 0 hit points, you fall Unconscious and begin making Death Saving Throws. Your Hit points are modified by your Endurance, Armor, Class Hit points and other miscellaneous features.

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