When you are currently not seen by any enemies, are obscured, or you’re behind cover, you can attempt to hide using the hide action. To hide, you must make a Skill check against a DC that equals 15 + the following conditions:

  • +1 for every enemy within a 20-unit square around you.
  • +0 if you’re behind low cover
  • -1 if you’re behind high or total cover
  • -1 if you’re obscured
  • -3 if you’re covered by something, such as foliage, heavy rain, falling snow, mist, or other natural phenomena.

If you succeed, you gain the hidden condition. Remember your result, as it will be the DC if someone attempts an investigation check to find hidden enemies. You will lose the hidden condition if the following occurs:

  • Someone succeeds in their investigation to find hidden enemies.
  • You make a sound louder than a whisper
  • You cast a Spell with a verbal component
  • You make an Attack Roll
  • You aren’t behind any cover from an enemy or in a heavily obscured area

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