The veneration of the Saints is widely accepted throughout the Erdfae. That being said, cults have formed around other powerful entities that could be defined as divine.
The saints of Erdfae Ethics Domain
Myr, Lord of Crows Authoritarian, Realist Order, Knowledge, Trickery
Artyg, Mad Scribe Materialist, Realist Knowledge, Death
Null, Giant Slayer Anarchist,Realist War, Trickery
Boros, Beast of Judgment Spiritualist,Realist Life, Death, Nature
Consinius, Fiendish Jester Anarchist,Romanticist Trickery, Light
Edwurd, Herald of Flame Spiritualist, Romanticist Light, Life
Eadric, Goldfinger Materialist, Romanticist Trickery, Death
Great King Godfrid Authoritarian, Romanticist Order, Light
Erwald, Apostle of Protection Materialist, Authoritarian Order, Death, Light
Gernulf, King of Adventurers Materialist, Anarchist Trickery, Death, War
Calemund, Wild Sage Spiritualist, Anarchist War, Knowledge, Nature
Goldhill Spiritualist,Authoritarian Order, Life, Nature
Ashryn, Deanmaster of Syndarin Spiritualist,Authoritarian,Realist Knowledge, Death, Light
Magnus Tiberius, Titan of Progress Materialist,Authoritarian,Romanticist Order, War

The Primordials of Erdfae Domain
The Fae mother Nature, Arcana
The Erd mother Nature, Light

Otherworldly Beings Ethics Domain
Jo’zoth, Eternal One Materialist, Authoritarian War, light, Order
Ziltsu’ha, Divine Snake Spiritualist, Romanticist War, Arcana, Death
Pillar of Souls War, Knowledge, trickery Materialist
Kvasir Anarchist, Realist Knowledge, Arcana

The saints of Erdfae

Myr, Lord of Crows

Symbol: Halo of Ravens
a warrior and scribe in the ancient city of Terranius. His works are famous in the northern cities, as they were influential to their society.

Artyg, Mad Scribe

Symbol: A stone helmet with an amber stone
Obsessed with Art and Ancient Scriptures, Artyg was curious about the functions of the world. Eventually he created a golem to entrap his soul in, and he went mad until Boros gave him his final rest.

Null, Giant Slayer

Symbol: A mountain getting hit by lightning
a cunning warrior that drove away the giants. After some disputes with Myr, he claimed the land west of the northern cities to be free from any ruling and for people to live in freedom, which Myr conceded to do so.

Boros, Beast of Judgment

Symbol: A wolf skull with antlers
A Sapient Jackal-Deer Hybrid, tasked to being an arbiter of the natural cycles.

Consinius, Fiendish Jester

Symbol: a lute with a vine with thorns
A famous Elf entertainer known for their grotesque humor. His works are known to even the fiendish entities of hell.||

Edwurd, Herald of Flame

Symbol: Golden Flame
Founder of the Order of the Flame: an independent order recognized for their goodwill all across the land.||

Eadric, Goldfinger

Symbol: A Happy mask
A cunning and glamorous thief that would announce himself before their heists.

Great King Godfrid

Symbol: A Snake head
The King that was on the throne during the draconic invasion. His imagery of bravery and unity allegedly gave us victory, which is why he was sanctified and has a place of worship.||

Erwald, Apostle of Protection

Symbol: A Silver coin with a sword symbol
The founder of the Silverhand order, recognized for their unwavering bravery and dedication… for the right price. A self respecting city will hire them for security and protection.||

Gernulf, King of Adventurers

Symbol: Hand Print
Founder and Creator of the Adventurer’s Creed, a set of informal rules on how Adventurer’s should behave.||

Calemund, Wild Sage

Symbol: A Stick with two branches
An Orc that was remarkable for their magical abilities and their tactician’s mind. However, he refused to share his knowledge with the world, only using his gift for himself.||


Symbol: A Smoking Pipe
Founder of the happy group, which values the power of love and community.

Ashryn, Deanmaster of Syndarin

// Symbol: A Deer Head//
Responsible for the Syndarin College, place of the biggest library of information about the multiverse on our planet.||

Magnus Tiberius, Titan of Progress

Symbol: A Spear
Terra was the founder of the city of Terranius, she called it “The heart of civilization.” She wanted to make the entire world in her own image, so she would wage war against other cities to rebuild them in her honor.||

The Primordials of Erdfae

The Fae mother

One of the creators of the planet, giving fey life to the planet and weaving magical essence to it.||

The Erd mother

The other progenitor of the planet, who created the beasts to roam the earth, and the moon to protect from outside entities.||

Otherworldly Beings

Jo’zoth, Eternal One

The High Commander of Dragons. During his time on this planet, he released dragon eggs across the planet with the intention of dominating it.||

Ziltsu’ha, Divine Snake

The Massive snake that slumbers on the core of planet Seet. with its power, it grants eldritch power to those that spill blood on her name.||

Pillar of Souls

The Pillar of Souls collects the lost souls weaved into the ether of space, tainting it to put on the flesh of a hollow fiend. “Soulrenders” search to power their souls to become high ranking fiends in the afterlife.||


A wise giant creator of the Manblood, as he infiltrated the land, and gave the beasts a piece of bark from the wisdom tree to eat, making them change into the Manblood. This gift was not appreciated neither by the mothers or the giants.||

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