Currency and Upkeep

During adventuring, you may find materials to sell or currency to loot. Copper, silver, and Gold is the currency that is utilized to pay for certain expenses, such as lodging, food, medicine, magical items, among other things.

Coin Exchange rate
Coin Copper Silver Gold
Copper 1C 0.04S 0.01G
Silver 25C 1S 0.25G
Gold 100C 4S 1G


During a long rest, you may choose to pay the following services (if available) to gain the benefits described. If the services are not available, you must make a 15 DC Skill check for each Upkeep cost to attempt to receive the effect (if it is possible to do so).
Service Cost Effect
Lodging 1G Removes 1d4 levels of exhaustion, and Regains 1d4 Hit Points.
Food and Drink 2S Prevents you from starving.
Medicine 2G Regain 1d10 Hit Points, and treats any diseases you have by 1 severity.
Baths 1S Removes 1d4 levels of exhaustion, and gain advantage on any saving throw for preventing and enduring diseases until your next long rest.
Ammo 2S Any weapon with the Ammunition property must pay this Upkeep, otherwise the weapon cannot be used.
Magical Components 2G If not paid, Spellcaster can’t cast any spells with material components.

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