Level 2

Bonus Spells

You get additional spells. they don’t count towards the number of prepared spells you have.
Rank Spells
Novice Divine Shield, Forcewave
Apprentice Barkskin, Sanctuary
Adept After Image, Haste

Holy Warrior

You gain proficiency in Heavy Armor

Channel Divinity - War Priest

As an Attack action, you can prepare yourself to protect yourself and others. When a creature attacks or moves within your ranged distance (basic Spells, Thrown or Ranged weapons) or within your weapon’s reach (Melee Weapons). You can use a reaction to make an attack against that creature.

Level 6


When you hit a creature with an attack, until the start of your next turn, that target has disadvantage on any attack roll that isn't against you, and when the target hits a creature other than you with an attack, that creature has resistance to the damage dealt by the attack.

Level 9


While using your War priest channel divinity, your first opportunity attack every turn does not use your reaction.

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